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Educating our youth is one of the most effective ways to build a strong, healthy community.  Nashua already has so much to be proud of: from our eclectic downtown strip to our beautiful park system, to our perfectly placed location between the mountains and the coast.  We also have the potential to see some big economic and population gains in the near future, which means this is the perfect time to refocus on our public education system -- maintaining a good quality of life for our citizens of all ages.  I love this city and want to see it continue to prosper, which is why I am running for a seat on the Nashua Board of Education.

I am a mother of two Nashua Public School students, a former middle school teacher in Massachusetts and presently a preschool educator in Nashua.  I have been involved as a volunteer in the schools in several different capacities which has given me the opportunity to interact with teachers, other parents, and school staff on a regular basis.  I see how positively teachers interact with students when they feel well-supported by their administration and their school community.  I believe that quality infrastructure and support is the key to keeping our highly-qualified teachers here in Nashua.

I have a long-term vested interest in the quality of our schools as a parent, as a taxpayer, and as an ethical community member.  My experiences working as the community engagement coordinator for Symphony New Hampshire, and, serving as Board President for a federally accredited childcare center will be assets when working with other Nashua Board of Education members to make decisions on such important upcoming issues like School Renovations, Vocational Programming, and Student Safety.


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